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The wasted years, the wasted youth

Happy 32nd. birthday Paweł Thomas Wasilewski! (July 23rd.1982)

I’m not girly little Caroline  a n y m o r e.



steroline meme: seven looks 

wesleyaccola: # but the way he looks at her# it’s just special# he doesn’t look at others like that# there’s an adoration there# a respect# a sense of warmth# and i can’t#

^^These seven looks tho…^^

He sees her mask and his eyes burn through it—he pays attention and gets that there’s more

He sees her emotional needs and VALIDATES THEM—he respects them like no one has before

He sees her ‘try so hard’ to prove her strength and UNDERSTANDS her—she doesn’t have to pretend with him

He sees her journey and is in AWE of her—still trying to ‘grow into himself’ and find balance within

He sees her beauty and is taken by her—his guard dropped for a moment, his desire so clear and real

He sees her heart and is drawn to her—he doesn’t need memories, it’s just something he FEELS

He sees her pain and he wants to soothe it--her smile makes his heart nearly beat

Seven moments on a journey to discover that he can CHANGE not just flip that record—and it doesn’t have to repeat.

It’s a love story about timing,

and sharing and revealing without needing to speak.

About partners who’s lives aren’t suffocating the other but intertwining,

and pointing out strengths when the other feels weak.

otp: ‘You’re so good at it’…’I’m good at it because of you’



Me after Stefan’s death


The writers after Stefan’s death


that last gif tho